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Center of the Earth 

The "Center of the Earth" is 25 acres urban park in a beautiful natural setting, just 6 km from the center of Athens. It is our principal learning center and a meeting point for people of all ages. Stretching around an organic vegetable garden and a permaculture garden, it is the perfect location for our programs, designed to inform and sensitize visitors about biodiversity, sustainable food, and a healthy, ‘circular’ lifestyle.


Earth K44 is an industrial space hosting the offices of organization Earth in downtown Athens. We operate our organization and run many of our programs in this former car repair shop and nightclub. It is an open space where visitors can get information on the 17 SDGs and how to apply them in everyday life. We often hold workshops, presentations, screenings, exhibitions, collective cooking, and bazaars to support vulnerable social groups and the work of NGOs, civil society groups, and creatives.

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