Organization Earth

Organization Earth is a greek non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2010. Our mission is the development of the concept of environmental & social intelligence, by providing experiential, non-formal education for sustainable development for all ages, introducing key sustainability issues into everyday life, primarily through learning activities. Education for sustainable development promotes knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a better future for society as a whole, by methods that motivate and empower the learners to change their behaviour and to take action towards a new economic model that takes into account social & environmental impact. Consequently, it promotes competencies such as critical thinking and making informed decisions by participating and collaborating.


Although our programs are implemented in several different locations (such as schools) and in collaboration with governmental agencies, civil society groups, corporations and other NGOs, Organization Earth also manages two separate locations:

Center of the Earth

We created the “Center of the Earth” on a 25.000 Park, situated in a beautiful natural environment, just 6 km from downtown Athens. The “Center of the Earth” acts as a center of environmental education by welcoming school children, as well as adults, on a daily basis, in order to offer sustainable development training, primarily to the urban population of Athens. The Centre of the Earth is a “physical hub”, a meeting point for people of all ages who want to  “re-define” urban lifestyles. Our aim is to expand our visitors’ capacity so that in their everyday activities they can identify and adopt attitudes and practices that ameliorate the planet’s future, while contributing to collective prosperity and a better quality of life. At the “Center of the Earth” we implement programs that consist of new ways of thinking and acting, capable of transforming the essential systems of food, energy and finance in order to insure a more fulfilling life for us and future generations.

Center of the Earth houses the following:

  • Our vegetable garden with seasonal organic plants,
  • Our biodiversity garden, an area for local wildlife flora and fauna, illustrating how powerful nature is even next to a densely built-up urban area,
  • An exhibit comprising of historical farming tools and machines,
  •  A picturesque olive grove,
  • A vineyard and winery that produces organic wine from the grapes grown on the estate,
  • Several renovated buildings and outdoor facilities where seminars, debates and activities on sustainability take place.



[email protected]

A former car repair shop as well as a renowned night club, [email protected] (Γη Κ44) is Organization Earth’s new location in downtown Athens that besides a co-working space doubles as a public space for community interaction. A meeting point for social enterprises, NGOs, startups and grassroots groups. Organization Earth provides the space for these organizations to convert their ideas into reality, to deliver their innovative ideas to the general public. Workshops, lectures, presentations, screenings, performances, exhibitions, cook-outs, even clothes & food drives take place on a daily basis at Γη Κ44.

Key Programs by Organization Earth


Food Labs: Sustainable eating practices and workshops

Environmental Learning for Children: Educational programs for schools and communities

#1000Farmers: Organic farming training for young urban unemployed

Growing Sustainable Businesses: 3BL entrepreneurial education for startups

Urban Farming: Roof-to-table urban food planning

Refugee Integration: Refugee relief, integration tools and developmental services


Key Projects by Organization Earth

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